About Our Company

When You Fly

We are pilots, each and every one of us, who recognized that there must be a better way to keep track of when our planes were flying.

Once we realized we had a nifty way to schedule our planes we realized that we wanted to track our aircraft hobbs and tach time so we could more easily bill our time flown and more quickly know when we needed to do maintenance.

And once we put all that together we decided it would be handy to be able to display all this data in unique and informative ways inside our hangars and offices.

All of this so that we could do what we love most: Fly

David Keen

David comes from a long line of aviators and aviation entrepreneurs. He has worked on aviation projects large and small and now brings his unique skill-set to WhenYouFly.

Daniel G. Stephens
co-founder/CEO/Chief Geek

Daniel is an entrepreneur who has founded numerous tech companies over the last 25 years. He is a life-long geek and aviation enthusiast who recently earned his pilot's license flying one of David's planes. He now brings his tech-savvy and nerd-inspired expertise to WhenYouFly.

Earle Harvey

Earle is not only a pilot but a CFII. He is also a finance expert with over 25 years of experience working with tech and aviation-related startups. He holds an MBA from Boston College.