Flight Logging Simplifying time tracking

Tracking your time

Scheduling your aircraft is just one part of the puzzle; you also need to track the time the plane is in the air. And we have a simple, intuitive, purpose-built solution for your hobbs and tach time tracking. The Electronic Flight Logger. It's a retro name for a nifty device that lives in each of your aircraft and replaces its paper flight log.

Niftiness abounds

  • Purpose built
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Data where you need it

Purpose Built

The Electronic Flight Logger was built with the most modern 1980s 8-bit technology to simplify your pilots' lives. Yes, it does have all the power of a Commodore 64 but it also has modern touches like an SD card and WiFi connectivity. It's purpose is to make collecting (and therefore using) necessary flight data as painless, quick and simple as possible.

Intuitive Interface

If you can use a calculator you can use our Electronic Flight Logger. Its simple interface guides you through the quick process of entering your hobbs and tach times.

Data where you need it

The real joy of the Electronic Flight Logger is that it means you'll never have to copy numbers from a paper logbook again. It collects all your hobbs and/or tach time entries on a tiny SD card and then sends that data to your WhenYouFly account over WiFi whenver you feel the desire to do so. You can also upload the data from the SD card if you prefer. See how we keep your options open?