Scheduling The core of WhenYouFly

Getting in the air

Getting in the air is what it's all about and scheduling is the first step to getting there. The WhenYouFly aircraft management system helps you spend more time in the air, where you and your pilots, students and clients want to be.

Niftiness abounds

  • Role Awareness
  • Object Oriented
  • Simplicity Abounds
  • Data Forward
  • Innovation Driven
  • Customer Centered

Role awareness

Our software knows your pilots' roles. From student pilots to charter pilots and CFIIs, we all have slightly different roles in our flying clubs, flight schools, FBOs and charter companies. We understand that, and so does our software.

Object Oriented

Everything in our system is an object (of affection). This, combined with our role-oriented approach means that our software has just enough intelligence to help you get your planes in the air and keep them flying.

Simplicity Abounds

Though our software has lots of features to discover, at its core is a design based on simplicity. The features you use the most, the information you need most often, is quick and easy to get to. Life is complex, getting into the air shouldn't be.

Data Forward

Data forward means that your information is important and it can work for you. When you fly and when you don't fly are both important metrics to help you better utilize your aircraft resources. Our data visualization helps you see how your scheduled time and logged time may differ and why.

Innovation Driven

We are an innovation, R&D-driven company. We love nothing more than finding new and nifty ways to help you keep your airplanes flying and your business singing. To accomplish this we release new versions of our software every two weeks - you don't have to do anything, just watch the new stuff flow (a benefit of being a cloud-based product). We'll send you an update email with each release roll-out letting you know of the new features added and the old bugs dispatched.

Customer Centered

Sure, every company should be focused on meeting their customer's needs and wants. We believe strongly in making sure that we are providing the product you want to use. Give us a call (207-226-7373) or drop us an email ( and let us know how we can improve your experience with what is, ultimately, your software. Most feature suggestions are added within 90 days.